Flaxseed Bag

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Flaxseed Bags- What the heck is it? Flannel fabric filled with flaxseed & herbs.

Flannel because it's so nice and cozy to snuggle with, thick enough to help hold the heat or cold  and it's loosely woven weave makes it flexible enough to form around the space it is placed.

Flaxseed-Flaxseed is filled with a natural oil that keeps its temperature for longer.  Because of the oil, it's more forgiving than rice or corn and it's less likely to burn or stink to high heaven if it's heated for a little too long. This also means it lasts a little longer, especially for those of us that are forgetful or are good at adding 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

Herbs-Wild Flax & Flowers use peppermint and lavender to make them smell food and add to the snuggle factor!

Lavender is known to help calm and relax you.  They can be warmed and laid on your chest to help with anxiety issues or used as a pillow or snuggly to help with those nights when you can't seem to fall asleep.

Peppermint is useful when you can't seem to kick a headache or other body issues.

Use your flaxseed bag warm or cold.  Heats well in the microwave.  You can also throw it in the freezer to use as a safer and less messy cold pack.

Put in the microwave for 2-3 minutes initially, add 30 seconds at a time until desired temperature.

*Made in a dog friendly space*


Made locally in Ronan, MT