Goat Milk Bar Soap

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• Made with organic, unrefined ingredients

• Heals, soothes & smoothes

• Helps eczema, psoriasis, dry and sun damaged skin

• Scented with essential oil


Simply Daisy uses their own farm-fresh goat’s milk

Are you tired of your soaps & lotions drying your hands out? Are you worried about the ingredients & harsh chemicals in those products? Handmade with organic ingredients in the USA, their skin-friendly products have made a difference on the skin of those who've tried them. Each bar is lightly scented with essential oils and colored with herbals from nature - you'll find none of that synthetic stuff here. They also add goat milk to all their products for its unique healing properties and natural vitamins like AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), probiotics, and vitamin A.

This soap is mild enough that it may be used on the face. It's so decadent, it's great for shaving, too!